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Youth Basketball Leagues


Registration deadline June 5th

Boys 3/4th & 7/8th Grade: Tues. June 18th – Tournament start date August 6th (depending on the amount of teams, tournament may go until August 13th)

Boys 5/6th Grade & High School: Thur. June 20th – Tournament start date August 8th (depending on the amount of teams, tournament may go until August 15th)

Please see our rules and league code of conduct below.

Welcome to The Courts Youth Basketball League! 

Each team in our league is set to play 8 games throughout the session, culminating in an epic end-of-season tournament at the final date posted. 

Our games are officiated by two experienced referees, ensuring fair and competitive play.

Each game is divided into 2 intense 20-minute halves. The game will have a running clock in effect throughout the game, with the exception of the last minute of the first half and the final two minutes of the second half.

Each team will receive 3 timeouts per game.

Policies & Code of Conduct 

 Game Schedules: We understand that players and coaches have busy schedules. We strive to be accommodating by considering reasonable scheduling requests prior to the full schedule being released. These requests are NOT always guaranteed at all times. You are guaranteed 1 game per week, if you or your team is unable to make it to a week, you may or may not be able to make it up. Some weeks you may be scheduled double headers. Once the schedules are sent out, they become final. In exceptional circumstances, participants may contact the league, but changes are not guaranteed.

Rosters: All participating teams are required to submit their rosters before the first game of the session. Any changes to the roster must be made no later then the third week of games. If the change is not made in this timeframe then the player can not be added to the roster. Must be able to provide proof of grade asked.

 Scorekeeping & Scoreboard: Each team is responsible for providing one person to either handle the scoresheet or operate the scoreboard during the game.

Admissions: All spectators for our competitive leagues must pay an admission fee. Adult > $7, Children $5 (Ages 3-17), Seniors > $5 (60+), or family pass for $20. Only 2 coaches receive free admission. Scorekeepers and bookkeepers are still required to pay admission fee. 

 Uniforms: All teams must wear the same color shirt or jersey with a number that is different from other teammates.

 Sportsmanship: At our league, sportsmanship is of utmost importance. We expect all participants, including players, parents, coaches, officials,  and other staff, to demonstrate respect and fair play. Treat everyone with respect and uphold the values of good sportsmanship. Failure to do so will result in removal from the league with no refund.

 Game officials: Accept the decisions of the officials, even if you disagree. If there's a disagreement with a call, players, coaches, and parents should address it calmly. 

Coaches Responsibility: Coaches play a vital role in shaping young athletes. Lead by example and teach sportsmanship and teamwork.

 Parent & Spectator Behavior: Encourage and support all players, regardless of the team. Refrain from negative comments, disruptive behavior, or interference with the game. 

 Competitiveness: Youth basketball can sometimes be competitive and, at times, seem unfair. However, this is a natural part of sports. It is important to remember that these challenges can help young athletes develop resilience, adaptability, and character building. 

Refunds:  We understand that your schedules may change. However, we cannot operate our leagues smoothly when this happens. Because of this, we ask for your full commitment when you sign up for this league. All sales are final. Refunds will only take place if the session does not have enough registrations.

If a disagreement occurs between coaches, officials, parents, players, etc., the league director has the final say. If you see something happen that goes against our policies or code of conduct please let us know as soon as you see it. The sooner we know something the sooner we can implement changes if necessary. Please do not wait until after the session to say something that happened the first week.

We are committed to making sure that everyone including the players, parents, and coaches have an amazing experience at The Courts!