Job Application

  • I certify that all statements given on this application are correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I authorize The Courts or its representatives to contact the above named references and any current or prior employer and to further inquire as to any information given by me on this application. I agree that any false statements that I have given on this application may be grounds for denial of employment. If I am hired before discovery of said falsification, my employment with The Courts may be subject to termination. I also authorize investigation into all statements and references contained in this application. Said investigation may include credit, driving, and criminal background. I release all parties, including The Courts, from any and all liability in relation to such investigation and the disclosure of information. I agree that if hired, my employment is for no definite period of time and that my employment can be terminated for any reason and without prior notice at any time by The Courts. I/we do hereby acknowledge, recognize, and accept the inherent risk of bodily injury, disability, paralysis, and/or death to myself/ourselves and/or my/our children that exists as a result of my/our participation in any athletic endeavor, and specifically, by my/our participation in athletic endeavors offered or hosted by The Courts of NWI. As such, I/we do hereby agree to save, hold harmless, and indemnify The Courts of NWI, its owners, employees, agents, and other individuals or entities operating on behalf of The Courts of NWI, for any bodily injury, disability, paralysis, and/or death, that I/we and/or my/our child(ren) may sustain as a result of my/our participation in any athletic endeavor offered by The Courts of NWI. In the event that I/we or my/our child(ren) suffer some type of injury or illness which requires medical attention , I/we do hereby consent to and authorize the administration of such first aid and/or medical treatment to myself/ ourselves and/or my/our child(ren) by employees and/or agents of The Courts of NWI trained to administer such first aid and/or medical treatment. I/we do further consent to and authorize employees and/or agents of The Courts of NWI to arrange for ambulance service for an appropriate medical facility for me/us and/or my/our child(ren). By signing this consent form/liability release, I agree to allow The Courts to reproduce the likeness of myself/my child(ren) in a photot, video, etc., in promotional materials and/or publications.
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