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Eric Griffin  Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant , Bommarito Performance Systems Certified Level 1 Coach, Ignite 360 Sports Performance Specialist

Eric is the owner of Elite Performance Academy which is regarded as one of the leaders in Sports Performance in the area. Elite Performance Academy is conceptually based on scientific principals found in the most current research available. It is with this scientifically based approach that Eric develops sports specific program design for athletes of all sports.
Eric and his coaches have trained many collegiate / high school/ youth athletes and general fitness clients. EPA has assisted general fitness clients and athletes at all levels. EPA staff is equipped to assist with nutritional consultation, small group training, team training and mental conditioning to enhance performance.
Eric received his Associates of Science  in Physical Therapy in 2010. He is a Certified Sports Performance Coach, and has received multiple certifications from NASM, Parrillo and  Apex  throughout his 18 year career.
Eric’s goal is to continue to advance the science to assist each athlete and general fitness client to achieve  their goals and objectives on their journey to greatness.

Youth Class Schedule:

Elite Youth 1 – Ages 8 to 12, 8 Sessions $120.  Single Session $18
                 Saturdays 1:15-2:30pm
Youth 1
The E-lite Youth 1 program is designed for kids from ages 8-12. This six week program is designed to teach each athlete evidence based technical mechanics to  maximize  gains in speed, agility, transitional balance , coordination and strength. Athletes will reach their full athletic potential through age appropriate prescribed programs that will take their game to another level.
     The E-Lite Youth 1 program will improve :
  • ·       Speed
  • ·       Technical mechanics
  • ·       Game Speed application of mechanics
  • ·       Strength ( body weight )
  • ·       Mobility
Elite Youth 2 – Ages 13 to 18, 8 Sessions – $144  Single Session $20

                        Mondays: 4:45-6:15pm and 7:45-9:15pm

                        Wednesdays: 4:45-6:15pm and 7-8:30pm
                        Saturdays: 10:15-11:45am and 2:30-4pm
E-Lite Sports Performance Youth 2
The Elite Youth 2 program is designed for kids age 13- 18. This six week program is designed to prescribe each athlete safe and effective techniques to enhance speed, agility , strength and power development while focusing on the first priority of sports performance ….injury prevention.
  • The ESP Youth 2 system has been proven effective in Improving:
     Upper body strength/power
     Lower body strength/power
     Linear Speed
     Change of Direction
     Technical mechanics
     Game speed application
     Decreased risk of non conatact inuries
     Mental Toughness

Elite FIT Level 1

     Our elite fit level one classes focus on stabilization, mobility,  balance ,  core strength and weight loss while laying the foundation to achieve your long term fitness goals. These classes our uniquely designed to take the same science used to train our elite athletes and tailor these methods for the general population. EPA’s Elite Fit Level 1 class is also ideal for the recreational golfer, bowler, tennis or pickle ball player as it implements injury prevention protocols, trunk/spine stability and mobility while providing safe and effective conditioning to help each client  perform at their full potential. The E-lite Fit Level 1 class has proven to be beneficial for beginners just starting their fitness journey to the advanced athlete or general fitness client simply attempting to recover from the rigors of a vigorous workout regiment .  Elite Fit Level I and II,  $72 for 4 sessions, M/W  7:00-8:15, Starting Nov. 29th.

Elite FIT Level 2

  Our level 2 classes build on the foundation of our level one classes but focus more intensely on building anaerobic endurance. This class gives you the unique experience of using the same modalities as high level athletes (sleds , ropes and bands etc) while focusing on weight loss and toning.  Level 2 classes are where the general population can begin to explore their athletic potential as it involves more intense progressions and more complex movement patterns . Level 2 is designed to take your fitness to the next level.  Elite Fit Level I and II,  $72 for 4 sessions, M/W  7:00-8:15, Starting Nov. 29th.

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