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    2020-2021 Season 8

   TCA All Star Cheer Teams! 



Tiny (Little Dippers, ages 3-6, Non-Competitive)

Supernovas (Half Season Team)

Lady Comets (Show Team, Non-Competitive)

Galaxy Divas (Elite Youth Level 1)

Halos (Elite Junior Level 2)

Onyx (Elite Junior 3)

Sirius (Elite Senior 3)



Which tumbling class is right for you?

o Beginner – Has a cartwheel, forward roll, or round-off (or no skills)
o Level 1 Tumbling Class – Must have a back walkover (focus is on gaining Level 2 skills)
o Level 2 Tumbling Class – Must have a back handspring (focus is on perfecting the back handspring and gaining Level 3 skills)
o Level 3+ Tumbling Class – Must have a tuck (focus is on layouts and up)

Classes are $65 a month ($40 for TCA Cheerleaders)


Beginner 4:15-5:00

Level 1 5:00-6:00

Level 2 5:00-6:00

Level 3 & Up 6:00-7:00

Register in-person, by phone or online

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